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Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : Sa Sa (4722号)

Age 年龄 : 28 Years Old

Height 身高 : 163cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34C

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Clarke Quay 克拉码头

$90Massage/60mins +HJ $90/60mins +无数次HJ

$120Massage/60mins +口爆 $150/1Shot 1次/60mins FJ

$600 /3次 (12点到早上8点)

8540 9204

Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



新时代的诞生  大家可以选择新的产物 陌陌时代  带给你不同的人生


       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2022-05-18 22:27淫賊 Says:
2022-05-14 14:48亚龙一哥 Says:
Met her today, superb service !今天见了她,只能说赞!!!

Looks 样貌/颜值 : 9/10 better than photo ( 比照片更美)
Age (Est) 年龄(大概) : mid 20s
Body 身材 : Slim and petite (娇小)
Boobs 胸部 : Natural B+
Kissing 接吻 : 10/10 wet and furious ( 激情)
Catbath 全身漫游 : 8/10 nice and smooth complexion ( 皮肤很柔软,很滑)
BBBJ 无套口交. : 9/10 deepthroat (深喉,不一样的体验)
Painting 舔鲍鱼 : N.A (没试)
FJ 爱爱 : 10/10 tight and wet ( 又湿又紧)需要伟哥加微信ttxs1488,延时加增硬,效果保证,GFE 女朋友感 : 10/10 (easy to icebreak, very chatty) ( 不会尴尬,很会聊天)
Massage 按摩 : 8/10 (力道还可以)

Overall Experience 整体 : 10/10 超爱,有心灵上的交流,不一样的体验,爱爱更有感觉!

RTF/RTM 回头率 : Yes 一定的
2022-05-10 09:08Jackson Says:
有很好的BBBJ, 有吸力和声音效果
2022-05-03 16:07好客 Says:
Face is nice. All is good. Try you free
2022-04-24 22:04狼群刘哥 Says:
2022-04-21 07:36fucker Says:

The beautiful service is good, giving people the feeling of a girlfriend
2022-04-20 23:27The Lastmanstand Says:
Her Review :

Looks 样貌/颜值 : 10 / 10 The face is pretty and seductive
Body 身材 : 9 slim/ 10 Great body and propotion
Boobs 胸部 : Natural C , nice areola and nips
Kissing 接吻 : Nil / 10
Catbath 全身漫游 : 10 / 10 like a real cat all over the body. Shoulder and Legs
BBBJ 无套口交 : 10/ 10
Painting 舔鲍鱼 : Did not try
FJ 爱爱 : 10/ 10 She will lock you with her both legs
GFE 女朋友感 : 10/ 10. She will cuddle you and have a nice chat with you
Massage 按摩 : 10/ 10 about 10 to 15 mins massage able to pin point your seness

I’m late f 15 mins because i can’t find the places. Not because hard to find. Is i’m blurr. She will patiently wait and reply f you.
2022-04-20 20:20jack Says:

Looks 样貌/颜值 : 9 / 10 I’m in love.
Body 身材 : 8 slim/ 10 I like me meat
Boobs 胸部 : Natural C. Used it like a weapon…
Kissing 接吻 : Nil / 10
Catbath 全身漫游 : 10 / 10 like a real cat all over the body. Even shoulders??
BBBJ 无套口交 : 10/ 10
Painting 舔鲍鱼 : 9 / 10 can’t finger inside. No smell and taste. I like a bit salty.
FJ 爱爱 : 9/ 10 3 positions could go f me but I’m tired.
GFE 女朋友感 : 9/ 10 me not very good in mandarin.
Massage 按摩 : 10/ 10 about 10 to 15 mins massage
2022-04-18 22:56马来哥 Says:

2022-04-17 09:53bro Says:
小姐姐特别温柔 按摩手法也相当好
去了三次了 还有东西吃
地方方便寻找 停车方便
2022-04-15 22:45tall man Says:

2022-04-15 10:08jack Says:
Photos are autic,real person is as pretty as photo.Big tits,nice figure,very amicable and friendly.looking at her eyes while fj is really shook…Definitely will RTF
2022-04-16 00:52欢喜哥 Says:
What do u see look in her eyes?
2022-04-14 22:57好客 Says:
极品熟女 衣服多丝袜 太爽了
2022-04-14 13:24vip Says:
熟女最爱 太爽了
给了200 谁约谁知道
2022-04-07 00:03good man Says:
just out from his place
real woman
good service give 20 tips
2022-04-16 00:53欢喜哥 Says:
sounds very scary, later got man..
2022-04-04 20:50jack Says:
环境好 方便找
按摩特别专业 人也特别热情 150很划算
2022-03-22 21:2812 Says:
service is best
room is good
sure return
2022-03-16 22:21好客 Says:
按摩环境都是一级棒 真是一次美好的选择

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